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Cybersecurity Simplified

Cyber Protect specializes in cybersecurity. Your business is important and you are busy making sure your business stays productive. This is where Cyber Protect can help. Call us today and we can help you protect your business from cyber-threats.

What kind of services does Cyber Protect Offer?

Endpoint Detection and Response
Malware Prevention
EDR Rules and Reputations as a Service
Application Whitelisting
Security Monitoring
Darkweb Monitoring
IT Assessments
Vulnerability Scanning
Endpoint and Server Patching
Micro Patching
Firewall and Network Services
Mobile Device Protection
Password Management
Backups and Disaster Recovery of data, Laptops, Mobile Devices, Workstations, Physical Servers, Virtual Servers, and Services in the Cloud
Microsoft Azure Services
Data Leak Prevention
Staff Augmentation

IT/OT Network Protection
O365/Sharepoint/OneDrive, G-Suite, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and Salesforce Protection
Managed SIEM
Security Operations Center
Managed Security Services
Security Auditing and Remediation Services
Web and Spam Filtering
Phishing as a Service
Cloud-based Security Monitoring & Management Platform

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing Services
Risk Assessments

Compromise Assessment 
Security Consultancy Services
Security Code Review

Application Testing Services
Cyber Protect Hardware Warranty

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