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Why Endpoint Protection & Remediation is Important

Endpoint protection and remediation are essential components of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. The term “endpoint” refers to any device that connects to a network, such as a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or server. These endpoints are vulnerable to various security threats, including malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and ransomware.



Allowlisting only permits approved files to execute and blocks everything else. Being policy-driven, this approach gives IT Professionals complete control over their environment to quickly and easily manage what software is allowed to run, effectively blocking malicious software. This process greatly minimizes cyber threats and other rogue applications running on your network.

Granular Control

Under normal operations, all applications permitted on an endpoint or server can access all data the operating user can access. This means the attacker can use the application to steal or encrypt files if the application is compromised. A granular approach can reduce the chance of a cyber-attack by limiting what applications can do, whether interacting with another application, your files, data, or the internet.

Elevation Control

Elevation control puts IT administrators in the driver’s seat, enabling them to control exactly what applications can run as a local admin without giving users local admin rights. Just-in-time elevation on a temporary or per-application basis allows organizations to remove local admin permissions without stopping productivity.


Storage Control

Storage control allows you to protect your data from unauthorized access or theft by setting granular policies over your storage devices and determining whether the storage device is a local folder, a network share, or external storage such as a USB drive. Control policies could be as simple as blocking USB drives or as detailed as blocking access to your backup share, except when accessed by your backup application.

Network Access Control (NAC)

An endpoint firewall solution controls all network traffic so you don’t leave devices or data vulnerable and exposed to cyber threats. Our NAC is an endpoint and server firewall that gives you total control over network traffic, which ultimately helps you to protect your devices. Using custom-built policies, you can allow granular access based on IP address, specific keywords, or even agent authentication or dynamic ACLs.

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Remediation refers to the process of fixing any issues that are detected by endpoint protection tools. This can include removing malware and viruses, patching vulnerabilities, and other measures to restore the endpoint to a secure state.


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